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Make Massive Sales Easily by Using This One Little Known Secret

In almost everything you do, there is a hard way and an easy way to do things.  For example there is a hard way to sell things and an easy way to sell things.  (Ha Ha!  How'd you know I was gonna talk about business? )  Before I start on my dissertation, I want to make sure that you understand something first, I am not , nor will I ever advocate NOT working hard.  You probably know better than I what a dirty joke that is to get played on you.

I am not going to do that, therefore I am your friend.

What I hope to accomplish in this little episode, is show you that you can make your job of selling something, whether it is on paper or on the Web easier by one of those little known facts, sometimes mislabeled by gurus as "secrets".

Let me tell you a true story.

Years ago, I got hooked on embroidery.  Not the kind you see little old ladies making at the old folks home, but high octane, computerized, 20,000 + in software and equipment embroidery.  This was the kind of embroidery you see on sports shirts, backs of jackets, on purses, etc.  I had an automatic, one head machine that had to have digitized designs fed into it so it could spit out incredibly intricate and beautiful work. It took several months to learn how to use the machine and use digitizing software to create my own designs.

I decided that the Internet was the way to go to sell my embroidered masterpieces, so I made a website that I could sell my creations on.  Man, that took a lot of work.  I had to learn HTML and a whole host of other skills, and I also had to do all of this on a shoestring budget.  So, without any help, I built a business I had no background in.

I built my first website and I did all sorts of designs and marketed to just about everyone I could get my hands on.  I made dragon hats for kids, gardening aprons for mothers, I made bass fishing hats for grand fathers, and just about any kind of hat or shirt with any kind of theme you could imagine.

It was a disaster.

My website was a mess and I had made a cardinal sin in the religion of marketing:


(Remember, marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.)

So, I consulted a bunch of marketing books and courses and retooled.  Since I was a former musician, I decided to pour my efforts into creating embroidered items for musicians.

 I went on to make embroidered hats, shirts, bags, purses, specifically targeted to people that played instruments.  I added catchy names to them like a flute shirt called "Fluteaholic".  I had a sax hat that said, "Sax to the Max" on it, and a trombone shirt that said "Bonezilla" on it.  My big seller was my "Bad to the Bone" trombone hat and shirt set.  The shirt had the word "Bad" with a trombone coming out of the pocket  and the hat had "Bad to the Bone with a trombone in front of it.  I'm telling you, this was a ton of work.  I not only did all of the digitizing, webdesign, and marketing myself, but I boxed all of this stuff up and sent it out.

Guess what?
I actually made good money doing this.  I had my own website, but many of my products were sold over eBay and other auction sites.

Guess what else?
I got so burned out, I couldn't stand to see another order come in.

Not only did I do this business, but I was a full-time teacher as well.  I would get home from work, eat dinner and then get right into sewing out orders.  Christmas months were the worst time.  I had so many orders I couldn't keep up.  I would sew items out until 5:00 in the morning and go back to teaching.

Here's where the story really gets interesting.  Are you paying attention?

I read an eBook on how to make cheap information products.  So, I decided to write my first info product and market it.  However, this time I was determined NOT to make the same mistake I had made before and market to everyone.  I picked a micro-niche and specialized knowledge to make my mark.

I had previously been a band director at a military academy in VA and I had to manage and direct a bagpipe team. Before I taught at that school, I had never even seen a bagpipe team or a set of bagpipes, but the students were really into it, so they brought me up to speed.  The thing I was impressed with right away, was the fact that these kids were making good money with their bagpipes. They would play at weddings, funerals, special events, Celtic festivals, etc.

Hargrave Military Academy where I was Band Director for a year
Since I got a great education from the students, I decided to market and sell my first eBook called, "How to Make Money from Your Bagpipes".  I marketed this eBook to a specific target market, Bagpipe players, military academies, Celtic sites and magazines.

The response was favorable.  I wouldn't call it a landslide, but I made several thousand dollars by putting the book onto a site that automatically sold eBooks.  The best part of the deal was that once the eBook was written, I made money off of it residual style without having to do much else after that.  People would pay for the eBook, download it and that was that.  $30.00 per sale.  No sending out packages or anything, just moola coming in from a targeted group.

And then I thought, "This is the way to go!"

Why should I work my butt off sewing out garments when I could have intellectual property that made me money almost automatically?  So, I sold my embroidery machine and moved on.

But here is where I went wrong and here is a valuable lesson I want to share with you.

When I sold my eBook, people that were in the bagpipe niche, were contacting me.  They always had a lot of questions and wanted to know more about making money with bagpipes.  I kinda sorta ignored man of these people and that was a BIG mistake.  Even if I wasn't going to stay in this niche, I should have seen the darn light.

I had sort of achieved "guru -status" in a niche and could have capitalized on it.  Yeah, I know, it was a micro-niche, but the money was not as important as the lesson was.  When  you reach guru - status, not only do your sales increase, but anything else you decide to sell in that niche will be much, much easier to sell.

I could have sold more books (possibly real published ones even) done speaking at conventions, given clinics, etc., and if I had been really smart, I could have used this knowledge in other subject areas.  However, like a lunk-head I didn't pay enough attention until much later.


Recently, I stumbled upon a book that really capitalizes on this idea called, "How to Become a Recognized Authority in Just 60 Days" by Robert Bly.  Mr. Bly is a master at advertising copy and has written a considerable number of books on the subject of becoming an info-guru and using clout to gain easy sales.

Let's face it, if people know you, trust you and will easily buy from you because they know all about you and your products, then your sales will be so much easier.   So this book which is rather in depth about becoming an authority rather quickly, in 60 days if you put your back into it.

It tackles everything from writing magazine articles to writing your first books and also how to write eBooks for credibility.  I got my copy from Amazon used for $3.00 which is a steal.  You cannot get this good of information anywhere for this price.  I've seen people go to seminars at $2000.00 a pop and get not nearly as much dynamite info from their "gurus".  Ha ha!

Anyway, you can get the book here:  How to Become a Recognized Authority in Just 60 Days and you can go to Bob Bly's site by clicking here: Direct response copy.

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