Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Amazing Writing Secret of a Desperate Entrepreneur

You learn how to sell much faster if you study guys that made a lot of money doing this……

                On my last post, I wrote about how you can start to learn to write your own ad copy, and how the ability to write words that sell are so very important. I also talked about the importance of learning about this craft a bit before hiring a copywriter because when you need to hire one, you will know what to look for, why copywriters do what they do, what the different elements of ad copy are when you are conveying to them what you need, and so forth.

                I got mixed reactions from some people about this.  One or two people were foolish enough to believe that you could “easily” learn to do this for yourself.  Yes, you can learn it for yourself, however to be a really great copywriter, it takes years of intense practice and study, just like anything else.    

                In the words of Kevin Halbert, who is an excellent, highly paid ad copywriter and the son of the late Gary Halbert, possibly one of the best copywriter’s that ever lived states,

                “There’s is no such thing as a natural born ad copywriter!  It takes years of experience to become world class…If you’re new to ad copy, it’ll take you more in time and money to learn how to write good ad copy yourself…”

                Something like that.

                When I had an online embroidery company, I learned all of the nuts and bolts myself. I actually built my own e-commerce site and maintained it.  Sure, it saved me money (or so I thought) doing it myself, but it took time, perseverance, patience, trial and error and a host of other hassles that came out of Pandora’s entrepreneur box to keep things going.  Add up all of the other things I tried to do for the business and it all equaled BURNOUT. 

                So, if you are an entrepreneur and you are wearing a bunch of different hats in your business, I
One of Mr. Halbert's Greatest Ads
would suggest hiring someone that has some experience in writing ad copy first.  But, you may want to educate yourself in the area of copywriting before doing so.

                One of the books that you may want to take a look at is one that was written by the late Gary Halbert called “The Boron Letters”.  This is truly an interesting book and kind of fun to read because Gary is writing a series of letters to his son, Bond Halbert about the art of writing, and selling products using ad copy.  To make the spin of this book really unusual, he is writing these letters from prison!  (Don’t ask me why he is in there, I can only speculate it wasn't anything major.) 

                However, because he is not only an excellent copywriter, Gary Halbert is an excellent writer in general, making his stories and instruction as concise and clear as possible to his son.  The book is very interesting to read, and lays out all of the steps you will need to know to sell products using direct mail, and his son’s comments also update some of this information to selling products online and Internet marketing.

                If you want an excellent book on how to pick a product, and launch a marketing campaign using the written word to sell, the Boron letters is an outstanding resource that cuts through all of the junk and lays out exactly what you need to do, in very plain language.

Five stars, two thumbs up, bravo, and highly recommended.


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