Saturday, January 11, 2014

Do You Want A New Year's Resolution or REAL Change in Your Life?

Right after the beginning of the year, the most pressing things on everyone’s mind are usually starting a new diet, and resolutions.  However, for more than 99% of us, both of these ideas quickly fall flat on the floor and die a fast death before the month of February rolls around. 

Mark Twain said that the road to H-E double hockey sticks is paved with the best of intentions, so apparently this isn't a new trend.

You have to ask yourself, why is it that some people seem to experience unprecedented levels of achievement in their lives while others do not?  Do they know some incredible success secret that the rest of don’t? Maybe it’s just luck, like winning the lottery.

Dan Kennedy is a millionaire marketing expert that seems to have mastered success, and he says one of the main reasons why some people are very successful and others are not is because of how time is used. 

Now, to just step back a second, I know personally from history that he is right.  For example, one of our country’s most productive founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, developed his own system of time management which he attributed to his own personal success. 

Franklin would chronically plan out his days and take tasks and goals and break them down into chunks so that he could stay focused.  Considering that Franklin was involved in the writing and implementation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, he was an accomplished inventor, developing and inventing lightning rods, bifocals, new stove designs ( as well as a music instrument called a glass harmonica) which are still in use today.

 He founded the first U.S. hospital, fire department, and library, was the 6th President of Pennsylvania, ambassador for the colonies, as well as the first Post Master. 

The list of Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments goes on and on, way too much to be listed here, but the gist of this message is great things can be accomplished by planning and executing your time.

Enter a book that will cut through all of the volumes of junk that have already been written on time management and gives you concisely all you need to know how to use time to achieve your goals and raise your level of achievement: DanKennedy’s No BS Time Management for Entrepreneurs.
Speaking as an entrepreneur that has actually read the entire book several times and used some of the techniques in it, I can tell you that I really appreciate the way Monsieur Kennedy cuts out all of the fluff and tells you exactly what you need to know. (Hence the Title “No BS”.)

According to the author, there are only 10 techniques in time management that really work, and he has included all of them in this volume. 
One of my favorite parts of the book is where he shows you a clear correlation between a person’s character and their punctuality.  

No kidding.  

Before I read this book, I never really thought about how the two are connected, but I now believe Dan Kennedy has made a very accurate observation.  He actually selects personalities in society and his personal life that illustrate this principle clearly.

Because the book is written so concisely, it has only about 172 pages to it, which is fine for me because the last thing I want to do is read a 2000 page book on time management.

I just haven’t got the time for it.

-Mark “Elmo” Ellis   

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