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The ONE Key Element That’ll Make Your Ads Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb On Facebook ― And Give You The Power to Dominate The Entire Page!

Do you feel frustrated because your ads just “get lost in the crowd” on Facebook?

Ever felt confused about why you post, and post, and post on Facebook, and NEVER get a response?

Are your ads so similar to everyone else’s that you could almost pull your hair out?

My name is Mark “Elmo” Ellis and I am a “Go-To-Guy for writing high response ads and copy.  Years ago, my wife and I learned a very important lesson about advertising copy.  

If you do it right, it’ll create such an avalanche of business you won’t be able to handle it all.  I had to actually shut down our small manufacturing business because we got too many orders!

Later, I’ll tell you how you can read the full, gut- wrenching details of this story.  But for now, let’s talk about your problem…

Most people that go into business selling items like beauty products, or dietary supplements, exercise classes or whatever, don’t understand just how competitive it is on Facebook.  As a matter of fact, the Internet is a cruel, pitiless marketing-beast where one little click can wipe you off the page in a nanosecond.

Don’t believe me?  Consider this:

Let’s paint a pretty scenario. The Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) gods are smiling upon you.  You’re selling wrinkle elimination cream and when people type into Google’s search page, “wrinkle elimination cream”, your business or product came in at first place, top of the page for that term. 


However, on closer analysis, you find out that any top of the page results, on average, will only get about a 36% click-through rate. This means that for every 100 people that type in “wrinkle elimination cream”, 36 out of 100 of them will click on your link or ad.

If you think that’s small, consider this: 

If your ad ever falls into 2nd place, your click through rate will fall off to 12.5%. 3rd place is 9.5%, and I don’t need to tell you how insignificant you’ll be on the slippery - slope of search engine results if you fell any further.

Like I said, the Internet is a cruel, pitiless marketing-beast.

However, these are results based on your website or sales page coming in at first place on the SERPS. 

We’re not EVEN talking about posting generic, commonly seen ads on Facebook where the click-through rates are much, much lower. 

So, based on my brilliant dissertation thus far, you can easily see your dilemma.

If you are going to have a presence on Facebook, you’re going to need all the marketing ammo you can get your hands on.

Here are my three recommendations for sticking out like a sore thumb on Facebook ads:

#1 You must have a mind – grabbing headline that sucks the prospect in like a powerful magnet and leads her down your ad to your irresistible offer. Usually, the top benefit of your product needs to be in your headline in such a manner that it makes your prospect want to read the rest of your ad.  Here is an example:

Nation’s top models finally forced into revealing…


#2  You’ll need to hit your prospect where it hurts.  In the case of our wrinkle elimination cream, you could talk about how it’s hard to keep looking young and attractive.  How wrinkles in your prospect’s face detract away from her other beauty features.

 At least three or four of these kinds of facts will remind the prospect of WHY she is looking at a product like this.

#3 YOU MUST ASK FOR THE SALE AND HAVE AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER!!!  I have seen some extremely great ads that ask for the offer in three or four different ways.  There are a number of ways to do this, but remember, without asking for the prospect to buy, and buy right now, you won’t have too many sales.

As you can see, there are some great strategies that you can use to increase your sales and conversion rates.  As a matter of fact, there is so much more you could do to sell your products to your clients and generate a flow of sales that you wouldn't believe it. 

This can easily be done using nothing but words on a page.

However, rather than just hand you a pile of information like this, I’d like to make you an offer that you can really use and learn from.

As I have told you, I am a copywriter that has spent copious hours of my life learning how to write compelling advertising copy.  Last week, I turned down a potential client that offered me a percentage of his company for my services.  Usually, my fees start at $2500 for a full sales page and go up from there so, I’d rather just do my thing, collect my money and hit the road. 

However, Facebook ads are smaller, easier for me to write and require less time for me to complete.

So, here is what I want to do on a limited basis:

I want to design short, effective ads for people that want to post to Facebook.  Since I am a Photoshop expert and can layout ads very effectively, I can easily make advertisements with copy for your business that’ll get better conversion rates than you can get on your own.

Not only that, but I will give you a $267 report on how to REALLY sell your product or service using both online and offline techniques absolutely FREE!

This incredible report covers:

  • ·         How to easily find people that are buying what you have to offer
  • ·         How to make your business different from other similar businesses ― using one simple technique
  • ·         Where you can quickly find great examples of headlines that you can adapt for Facebook ads or any other types of advertisements
  • ·         Marketing ideas and tools that you can use to promote your products or businesses
  • ·         Lists of the best resources that you can use to build a great marketing arsenal

Please order today, because this offer will end on July, 31, 2014

This Deal Has Since Ended

However, here is are a couple of books that are absolute dynamite, that will do you a world of good.  I figured since you didn't get in on the excellent deal I offered on my copywriting services, I would pass along these excellent nuggets of info to you.

Here is one of them:


Learn from Ken McCarthy, the man that actually coined the term "Internet Marketing"  (Don't believe me?  Check out his credentials here: Ken McCarthy's Background
Click on image for more info

Mr. McCarthy's System Seminar used to run as a part of Dan Kennedy's $2000.00 a seat seminar several years ago, and he also conducted his own very expensive System Seminar yearly.  I'm not sure if he is still doing this, but it was a very pricey affair to begin with, and you had to fly into a really big city where these meetings were held.  

Now, you can get the "System's" primary principle's of online marketing without going to the seminar and spending tons of cash.  This is one of those books that if you don't have it on your shelf, you probably aren't serious about making it as an Internet entrepreneur.  

What this book will do for you is give you a blueprint or plan of action that you can take to move yourself forward in the game of Internet Marketing every day.  Most people don't have a system of any kind, this book will give it to you and show you how to measure your success!

To get a copy of this excellent book click here: The System's Secrets


The other book I'd like to recommend is a book by Bob Bly.  Bob Bly has written loads and loads of books and he is an excellent copywriter.  "The Copywriter's Handbook" is absolutely essential for selling your products, whether on the Internet or through direct mail.  

Click on image for more info
I personally have a copy within reach whenever I write copy for a client or myself. Bob, takes you by the hand and breaks down all of the components of advertising copy with you, so that you can cut the learning curve of writing your own copy in half.  

Now, to be honest with you, it will take you quite some time to learn advertising copy like a pro, but if you want to learn how to do it for your own business, it will certainly be better than nothing.

Anyway, this is just another book that I think is indispensable for any entrepreneur.   

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