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How Accounting Firms Can Quickly and Easily Use Ad Copy To Increase Their Client Base - And Their Bottom Lines!

5 Easy Ways to Increase Revenue with Your Accounting Firm’s Website
Mark Elmo Ellis

The bottom line.  Everyone in the accounting industry talks to their clients about increasing it, yet few firms take simple steps boost their own.    It’s easy to spot this malady, just take a look at the average accounting organization’s website.  Tedious “Welcome” sections that nobody reads, the usual bookkeeping assurances that every site has, and the biggest sin of all:  few, if any, benefits of doing business with the firm.

                No wonder accountants get portrayed as formal bookworms in movies; their websites are so boring! Not only that, but there’s hardly any sales or marketing messages on the page at all.  When you do this, you are literally walking away from a chance to work with clients that could generate revenue long-term.  So, what I’d like to do, is take a few moments and show you how you can drop the monotony, attract more clients, and increase your bottom line.  I promise, this won’t be dull.

                The first thing you need to keep in mind, is that the Internet is a merciless, cold hearted marketing venue.  One second of boredom, and “click”, you’re gone.  Your home page must generate interest and curiosity from the get – go.  The best way to do that is to have a headline at the top of your page that does two things:  generate interest, while showing your prospects the most important benefits you can provide them.  Remember this simple rule: Interest + Benefits = Headline.

Here’s an example:

“Find Out How Our Firm Uses Little Known Techniques That’ll Save You Big Money ― Giving You More Cash To Increase Your Investment Portfolio!”

                While I realize this headline does not demonstrate the mission of every accounting practice in the industry, it gives you an idea of how you can create interest in what you have to offer. It has the two elements I mentioned above, Interest, (through curiosity, in this case) and a major benefit.  This one element is extremely important, so much so, that a good advertising copywriter will spend 80% of his time crafting it.  It must make the reader want to move further down the page to your marketing message, otherwise “click”.

                After you have generated enough interest in your site, the next thing to do is get the reader to move their eyes further down the site.  This can be accomplished by using two proven features: formatting and subheadings.  When a person reads a webpage, they usually scan down the page, looking for information that is easy to find and read quickly.  A subheading is a mini-headline that is short and drives home benefits in short, punchy statements.  If you use subheadings that are slightly bigger and bolder letters this is a natural target for their eyes.  Subheadings are usually placed before blocks of text that explain something, like this:
Clerical Errors – The Easiest way To Lose Money!
“Working with clients, we pay very close attention to business tax planning and preparation.  If not handled properly, valuable tax deductions can be lost by simple clerical errors.  Using successful and proven tax strategies, we can make sure you get money saving reductions on your taxes so that you can put that cash to work in your business or portfolio.”

The third advertising copy component that you can easily implement is the use of bullet statements.  Not just any bullet statements, but bullet statements with benefits.  What I mean by this is you create a bullet statement with a feature or a benefit like so:

Our firm will give you monthly financial counseling

Next, you add a more in depth benefit or group of benefits to the bullet:

 – We’ll guide you through expenditure planning, help you set goals, and warn you of any financial hazards along the way

The whole statement reads, and look like this: 

•             Our firm will give you monthly financial counseling — we’ll guide you through expenditure planning, help you set goals, and warn you of any financial hazards along the way!

  •              Imagine what the impact a series of bullet statements like this will have on your prospect.  Of course you will need to brainstorm as many benefits your company has in order to write these, but the chore is well worth it.

         Another way to grab attention and gain the trust of a client or prospect is to let them become familiar with your and your staff.  A good professional picture of yourself and members of your team will allow potential patrons to take a good look at whom they are dealing with.   A way to make this even more effective is to tell a story about yourself or company. 
Here's some corrections I made on an accounting Web site recently.
Click on image to see larger view.

         The big mistake most accounting businesses make on their sales pages is they will have a paragraph or
two with information that’ll put people to sleep.  As the National Enquirer will tell you, “Enquiring Minds Want to Know!”  People love exciting and intriguing stories about other people.  If you can come up with a unique story about yourself or business, you will be remembered and differentiated in the market place.  So, a great picture of you or your staff, accompanied by a unique story is important to your home or sales page. 

       Finally, your home page should have a call to action on it.  Just like any other business, you have to ask for the sale.  If your company has a newsletter that goes out regularly, you can ask for the prospect’s contact information in exchange for a free issue.   You can also offer free promotional items if potential clients make an appointment with you.  At any rate, asking for the prospect to contact you for more information should be a tantalizing offer, especially if you have used all of these advertising copy elements and implemented them into your site. 

     If you want to get compelling copy to work for you while increasing your bottom line, I'm your man!
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