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Blogging Secrets Of a Millionaire Affiliate Marketer Part 2

Millionaire Affiliate Marketing Trick That’ll Put Your Product On Top! Part 2

If you weren't here for my last post, I told everyone on board here that this was a blueprint on how to generate income by becoming an affiliate marketer.  

This strategy was revealed to me and a few others by an established millionaire who’ll probably rip my fingernails out for telling you. But, I don’t care because he probably got it from someone else that told someone else, that told…

You get the picture.

Anyway, If you missed the last exciting installment, you will need to read how to get started with affiliate tools.

How To Do Research For Your Topics

There are four main tools that are valuable for figuring out what to write about.  From what I heard, many of the popular talk show hosts use this method for scheduling their content.

My particular favorite for this trick is  If you want to find out what people are really interested in, just check out which books they purchased.  I mean, heck, they PAID for this info, so they must really be interested in it. 

Not only that, but if you look at the reviews on Amazon’s site you’ll see that not only did people buy the stinkin’ book, they took the time to write comments.   If there are a lot of comments, then you know it’s probably a hot topic.  

Amazon's comments sections under their product descriptions are great for determining topics and niches to write about 
The Amazing Amazon Topic Procedure

This is a very easy method to find topics to write about;  I'll put it in a step by step manner to make it easy.

         Step 1 go to to get started

Step 2 Once you are on the Amazon main page, you can start to research your topics by clicking on the drop -down menu where it says "All" next to the search screen.  Click on "GO" while you have a blank search field.

         Step 3  Click on "Books".  After you do that, the screen should refresh and you will see a new horizontal list right under the search field just above a big semi-orange "Books".  Click on "Best Sellers".

Here is the link: 
Amazon Book Page
Follow the first three steps above to get to the book categories.

Step 4  You will now notice that there is a menu on the left hand side that says "Books".  You can now start to drill down into more specific subjects.  For example, under "Books" you can click on "Business & Money".  Once you click on that another menu will open up that has more categories in that subject area.  

Step 5 Now, you can get even more specific!  For example you can now click on Marketing & Sales, and that will open up a whole new batch of categories within that category.  

Here is what an Amazon page should look like after you have drilled down into a category.  Let's click on Marketing & Sales.  You'll notice right off the bat that you can see more specific categories on Marketing & Sales.   Also take a look at the top selling books in this category. 

You can keep drilling down by clicking on more specific topics when the next menu opens. Also note the number of comments!

Step 6  Once you have drilled down enough, you can now begin to look at the books and subjects themselves.  Take a look at the book Go Pro 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional ,by Eric Worre.    There are a whopping 2019 comments as of this writing.  (Please note the little red arrow on the right.)

Now, in the land of marketing books on Amazon, that's pretty impressive.  To find out if they are all favorable comments or not, just click on the number next to the book and you can read what people like or dislike about it.

The Table Of Contents - A Most Valuable Resource! 

By clicking on most books on Amazon, (especially the popular books) you can see their table of contents with the "Look Inside" feature.  The table of contents will give you a great outline of what you can write about for almost a 2 month period.  

NOTICE!  I am not saying to copy other people's work.  You are just going to get ideas on what to write about.  Hopefully, you'll use several books and mix and match topic ideas.  Also, I am not into network marketing or multilevel whatever, I am an advertising copy writer. 

I just happened to pick this book because it had a high count of comments.  Unfortunately, you will have to look at other books in your topic area because this particular sampling by Amazon didn't have the table of contents for this book.  

However, there are loads of other books that you can not only look at the table of contents, but also read some of the chapters.  Check out this screen capture.

If you click Look Inside on Amazon, you can actually see a "Table of Contents" link on  the right.

  In my next installment, I'll show you how to use this technique to fill in your calendar and get ready for the next exciting step... Writing your first blog post!

Mark Ellis
"When it comes to high response copy, I've got your back!"

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