Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Magic Button that Will Make Your Sales Message Easy!

OK, before you get too excited and think that this is going to be an easy-street method of making money, it isn't.  But it is a very important and serious component of your sales message that will make your life a bazillion times easier when crafting a sales message for your business.

Just about any auto repair shop will tell you that people don’t usually bring their cars into the shop when the car is running great.  My wife is really big on this; she keeps track of our cars and can tell you when they need to go into the shop for a checkup.  Thank God she does this, because our cars last for a long time, well after we have paid them off thanks to her diligence. 

However, most people won’t take their vehicles to a shop until something starts to go wrong.  So, the driving force behind their patronage of a repair shop is based on inconvenience or pain of some sort.  If that car is dead and they can’t get to work on time, or they have to rely on someone else to get to their destination, there is massive discomfort. 

I can 100% guarantee they will want to get their car into a shop, pronto.

Pain - the Magic Sales Button!

It’s the same principle with advertising copy.  If you don’t exploit some sort of pain in your copy, then you will have a very tough time selling any product or service.

For example: You’re writing advertising copy for a cruise in the Caribbean and you start out by telling prospects how beautiful the trip is going to be. You start telling your prospect all of the wonderful places that the boat is going to stop at and how fun it is going to be. 


You need to hit the prospect where it hurts.

You should talk about the lousy winter they just survived.  You should bring up how the traffic in the city sucks during a really cold snow storm and how everyone
was totally agitated by the experience.  You could also talk about how the spouse needs a break from all of this because there just isn't any time to enjoy life.

You know, get inside the head of your average prospect and tell them how horrible their situation is.  Once you've thoroughly exploited all of the pain they are feeling, it will be much easier to sell to that.

One last caveat of this approach is you really have to know what your prospect’s sore spots are.  If you don’t know, and you only have a general idea, it is still easier than trying to manufacture the pain in his or her life. 

Manufacturing pain IS a pain.

It is not impossible to do, but you have to have very long advertising copy to create it. 

So, remember to use this approach when you begin to write you next sales copy and your chances for converting will be much better. 

Editors Note:  I just found this great post on the Warrior Forum on how to use surveys to find out what eats at your prospects.  It is Brilliant! 

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