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Another Off-Beat Way to Immediately Start Making Money Online

They'll NEVER Tell You
How Hard Making Money Online
About a week ago I told you how I first started making money online using eBay.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it just click on the link and take a look.  Reading how people do things sometimes is very inspirational.

It can also be very motivational.

You’ll probably say, “Heck, if Ellis made money doing that, why can’t I?”

It’s true, if I did it, so can you.  Just don’t ever say that I told you it was easy.  (I’ll leave that up to guys like Frank Kern, or Yanik Silver.)  I’ll never tell you Internet marketing is easy, because that hasn't been my experience.

Using eBay and Craigslist to Make Immediate Money Online

Just when you thought you’ve probably heard every angle in Internet Marketing, someone comes up with another angle that you’ve never heard before.  This on involves eBay, but you can replace that site with any other auction site on the Internet if you so desire.

It is not a complex idea, but one worth trying because it is DIRT CHEAP!  Ha-ha!  Here I go again with a wild and weird way to make money online without buying expensive Internet guru courses or even building a blog or a Website. 

I mean we’re talking CHEAP here!

So, if you don’t have access to an eBay account you might want to get one to try this out. 
Very simply you’re going to:

1.  Find HOT items that are trending or selling on eBay.
2.  Locate and buy the same or similar items that are selling on Craigslist
3.  Negotiate and purchase the items as cheap as you can from the folks selling on Craigslist
4.  After buying the items from the Craigslist sellers, take the item and resell it on eBay for a higher price.
5. Rinse and repeat!

Possible Problems from Perky Prospects Prompts Precautions

Without too much wide-eyed optimism, I think it is always prudent to think things through before executing an idea, no matter how good it sounds.  Funny thing how all of this sounds so simple when you’re told to try it for yourself.   If you've ever been involved in any kind of business, you know that it’s NEVER simple.

Precaution 1

For one thing, anything that usually involves Craigslist (CL) usually means that you’re running the risk of being spammed to death.  So if you’re doing any business at all on CL, take precautions!  Use a throw away email account or some way to ward off spammers. 
Also, don’t give out your phone number too quickly, either.  Communicate with a seller for a while to determine if they are somewhat normal.

Precaution 2

When you decide to look up items to see if they are hot on eBay, you need to make sure that the items that you are going to try to target are REALLY viable.  You can easily go on eBay and see certain items that are selling well and get excited. 

However, if you don’t know a lot about a particular subject, then you can easily get fleeced on this deal.

Example:  You look at hot items on eBay and discover fantasy based comic books are selling like hot cakes for a lot of money.  So you go on CL and buy a crap-load of comics.  However, after you buy all those comics and put them on eBay, nobody buys them.  Not one single bid! 
Let us step back for a minute and examine what went wrong.

 The fantasy based comics you originally viewed that were selling like hotcakes were mint condition, Conan the Barbarian comics from circa 1970 by Barry Windsor Smith.  No wonder they were selling like hotcakes on eBay!  These were elite, mint condition comics that are legend in the industry!

So, if you don’t have knowledge about a particular industry, you run the risk of doing something really stupid.  Learn a little about the items you are considering buying and selling before going into this venture.

Precaution 3

When you go to buy the items you are pursuing on CL, you should know how to negotiate the price down.  There are loads of books and now great videos on how to negotiate.  This is a great skill for every negotiator in any type of business to know.

So, before you start haggling prices, try to learn a bit about negotiating before you get started, it will be a HUGE help. 

Here is an excellent video on negotiating:

Precaution 4

Before you just toss your items on eBay, learn how to describe your products.  This is where knowing how to write a little advertising copy would really come in handy.   

First of all, having a real eyeball grabbing headline in your description is very important.  You want to generate interest while creating some curiosity at the same time.  You also want to mention the main benefit of your product or service in the headline as well. 

Make sure that you describe the item as best you can, pointing on features (color, size, functions) and really expand on the benefits. (What the product will do for the prospect thinking about buying the product.)If you take these precautions at the onset, this idea will probably work OK. 

Precaution 5

Consider the costs of shipping on the front and back end.  You’ll need to make sure that whatever you’re buying on CL that you are considering the costs of shipping.  This is crucial in this type of business!  The same thing with eBay.  You will need to make sure that you’re including the shipping prices.
However, having said that, don’t think for a second that this will be smooth sailing and you’ll be raking in loads of cash, enough to live off of. 

I highly doubt that.  In my humble opinion, you can easily and quickly make your first money online doing this and you will get some valuable experience doing this.

Don’t forget, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time doing this, so you have to consider the time you’ll be spending doing the following tasks:

  • Looking on CL for items to buy and researching what’s hot on eBay to sell
  • Calling people up or emailing them about stuff they’re selling
  • Spending time negotiating and haggling prices
  • Boxing up, and taking items sold on eBay to the Post Office
  • Taking pictures of the items and posting them online
  • Writing up the descriptions
There may be other things you’ll have to do, but basically that’s most of it.  So, you can see, that all that glitters is not gold and there is work to be done. 

Hey, at least I didn’t sugar-coat it for ya!

A New Spin I Thought Up Based on This Scheme

Let’s bump this idea up a notch!  Here’s an idea I just thought of that I haven’t tested yet, but one of you may want to try.  Instead of searching all over Craigslist for items that you can resell, why not take out a cheap ad in Craigslist asking for a product that you know id red-hot on eBay?

That way, people will be trying to sell YOU the item that you’ll want to sell on there.  And think about this: If they do call you wanting to sell the item and it is more than you’d want to pay, try negotiating the price down. 

If you can get the price down low enough, chances are you’ll sell the item and still make a profit!
Just an idea.  Like I say, it is untested, but I’m very tempted to try so…

To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis
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