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Information Marketing the MOST Lucrative of all Internet Marketing Opportunities

Information marketing is probably the easiest and fastest way to build a business on the Internet.  (Already I can hear you say “Duh – Everybody knows that!)  Most people won’t try to make money using this venue and when they do, it is usually done wrong.

However, when you think of it, if everyone were great info-marketers the market would be absolutely saturated.  (Kinda like brick and mortar video businesses back in the 80’s.) 

Not to say it isn't highly competitive in certain niches already, but if you know how to target a hot niche or sub-niche, you can still rake in the bucks.

The Reality of the Info-Marketing Business – or – That Dirty Four Letter Word

I like to frequent forums where IM newbs (slang for Internet Marketing newbies) hang out.  Most of them are wide-eyed optimists, and right out of the starting gate, they make posts like this:

“How can you make $2000 a month selling info-products?”

“Frustrated with trying to make $$$ online”

“I’m totally broke and desperate and need to make good money now!!!”

You know, the usual.

My response to them is:

“Did you think this was going to be different than starting any other type of business?  It requires A LOT of WORK!”

Just like Edison used to say, “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Information marketing IS lucrative, but you have to work it like a madman or woman to make money at it.

Consider What You Need to Do to Make Money

Outside of actually creating the actual product (videos, eBooks, reports, blog posts, etc.) you still have a load of work to do to actually get your product onto the market.

Market Research

Let’s say you’re going to sell a 100 page eBook.  You need to research first to see if there’s a market for it.  If you do it right, it may take you a few days or more of work to find out whether your product has merit. 

The reason I say this requires a few days of research, is because you really need to find out on the front-end of your project whether or not there is a marketable niche.  You need to find out if the market is large enough and hungry enough to buy what you’re trying to sell.

If you watch ABC’s Shark Tank, you’ll see that this is where most enthusiastic and new entrepreneurs fall short on that show.  People come into it expecting to go into business with seasoned, filthy rich venture capitalists on their ideas and products. 

Unfortunately, these venture capitalists are very experienced and business savvy.  If the budding entrepreneurs haven’t sold too many units, or have any existing market data to back up their claims, they won’t get a deal.
As one of the sharks on the show likes to say, “You’re dead to me.”

Marketing Plan

Once you've finished writing, formatting, branding and packaging your product, you still have a crap-load of work to do. 

You've got to figure out how you are going to attract your target market.  What methods are you going to use to attract and keep the attention of the people you want to have as paying customers?

What type of a sales funnel are you going to use? What is your unique selling proposition? If you structure a plan based on the sales funnel model, you’ll need to decide what channels you are going to use to broadcast your message.

Once you've figured out how you’re going to market your business, you've got to execute it. 

The Most seasoned marketers will tell you to use as many different types of marketing channels that you can manage.  That way, if one channel goes out for one reason or another, you’ll the other channels that you can still promote your business through.

For example, if you are accustomed to using nothing but YouTube videos to promote your product and then Google decides to kill YouTube for some reason, you’ll still have 4 or 5 other channels like social media, blogging, or whatever that you’re still using.


Once you get your crowd through your sales funnel, you’ll want to set up a sales page.  (Actually the sales page is part of your funnel, but let’s not split hairs here!)

You've got to have a page that convinces your readers that if they don’t buy what you have to offer, life on planet Earth will end.  You either have to have the skill to write compelling copy or hire someone that’ll do that for you.


Once you get everything else in place, you’ll need to make sure you've got a way to collect money and deliver the product.  There are all sorts of ways to do this from making on line delivery systems to sending your product directly to the customer by way of snail mail.

Hot Tip #1 - If you have a PayPal account you can sell eBooks online relatively easy.  PayPal will process your transaction, but it will not DELIVER your eBook. For that, you’ll need an intermediary site.
There is a site called Upload –N- Pay that you can use as a delivery system.  The setup is fairly easy and you can be running in no time.

Hot Tip #2 – if you want to produce your own physical Audio CD’s or Video CD’s there’s an excellent company called Kunaki that silkscreens the CD and packages it in a nice case.

 A while back, I was making sports videos for kids that wanted to get scholarships for college, and I needed a way to get the video CD into a box.  I used Kunaki because they print on demand.  

I uploaded the video, sent in the case photo and for an extremely reasonable price got my video and case created. 

An absolutely amazing service! Here is their price list: Kunaki’s Prices 

To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis
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