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Anyone Can Use This Simple Technique to Get Started Making Money on the Internet Immediately!

Getting started.  This seems to be a big hang up for a lot of people.
Internet Marketing Startup

Many of us get so constipated with information overload, we fail to take any action.  We buy the books and courses and watch a ton of YouTube videos, but when it comes to execution, we fall short.

Failure to Launch

I remember buying a huge Internet marketing course for about $400 and diving into it with excitement and passion, only to let it sit there for about 2 years before taking any real action.  I had a problem getting my ideas off the ground.

And even though a course like that was very well done, if you don’t take any kind of action, your results will be null, and if your results are null,  you’ll get depressed, and if you get depressed you probably won’t take any action… 

And the process repeats itself. 

The only way to beat this vicious cycle of inactivity is to GET OFF YOUR HINEY AND DO SOMETHING!!!

An Easy Way to Get Started From Two of My Readers

Yesterday I ran an article asking readers to share their stories and ideas about how they made their first dollar in Internet Marketing.

I’m encouraged by the fact that at least a few of you have contacted me with their ideas and I really appreciate it.  This information will definitely help out your fellow entrepreneurs and it is a clear and shining example of how kind some people can be in helping others.

If you would like to contribute to this blog, please send me your ideas on this subject and I will gladly post it.  Either post your idea in the comment section or write it up and send it to:

In the subject field put: “Mark, How I Made My First Dollar” - That way I’ll be able to see it amidst all of the email I constantly get.  Ha-ha!

 So, I got two emails sent to me (no signature or web address, which I would have gladly posted) that said just about the same thing.  The emails were basically one or two lines, so I’ve embellished on their ideas to help get the message across.

So, thanks so much to Ryan and Blake for sending these.  In the future if you want me to put a link to your sites on this post, just let me know.

Start Hocking Your Skills and Talents

Sit down and dash out on a piece of paper all of the skills you possess.  Here’s a list of ideas to get you thinking:

Writing – Articles, blog posts, advertising copy, etc.
Graphic Arts – Logos, banners, buttons, scanned art, etc.
Speaking – Making how to videos, pod casts, interviews, (even public speaking)
Web Design – Any skill you may have that contributes to building websites
Programming Skills – Java code, HTML, Flash, etc.

If you don’t have any skills ACQUIRE THEM!

You can learn everything you need to know from a laptop these days, so no more excuses.  Get busy and start learning!

What you can do immediately is start marketing your skills through a variety of channels like Craig’s List, Elance, oDesk, and if you just absolutely want to get started and make your first few dollars, market yourself through Fiverr. 

In my opinion, making a living on a site like Fiverr would be very tough, however some people have actually done that.  But I look at sites like Fiverr and opportunities for making money with Adsense ads as a springboard to get you started.  That certainly shouldn’t be the only way to make money to survive on. 

True Story about Acquiring Skills
A couple of years ago, I was rehabbing a house with my family.  We had purchased a home that we had bought from a foreclosure.  We got a super deal on it, however, it had severe leak problems with the roof. 

We decided we really wanted to have the roof work done by contractors, and we had a neighbor tell us that we needed to install a metal roof.  Our rehab was on top of a tall hill and it as susceptible to high winds from time to time.

So we ordered a metal roof from a local contractor.  However, the company we got the contractor through ordered the metal for the roof AND the porch and the contractor was never told about the attached roof.  So we had a big extra pile of metal roofing and no roof for the leaky porch.

I told my son we would try to do the porch roof ourselves because if we got that wrong and it leaked, it would only be the porch area affected.  So, we pulled up YouTube and watched every video we could on how to install a metal roof and we installed the porch section perfectly. 

It was also great that he had a cell phone with video capabilities on it because many times we would access those videos while we were on the roof working. 

Aren’t we living in an incredible age?

By the way, here's a video from the porch of that house right after we bought it.

The Sooner You Do This, The Better Off You’ll Be

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll learn how to market your opportunities online and gain skills others don’t have.  When I got started I knew nothing about Internet marketing, creating blogs, HTML, advertising copy, how to make graphics for websites, how to use Photoshop, how to use Social media, etc. 

I pretty much knew nothing.  But I learned by doing.  If I didn’t know how to do something I bought
books. (For Dummies books are great for learning certain subjects!)

And yeah, I failed a bunch, but I also learned a lot from those mistakes.  And quite frankly, it was a far better education that what I got in an expensive college.

Once again I want to take this opportunity to thank the two gentlemen that sent me the email with their story on it  - Ryan and Blake!

And if have a story or a comment about how you made your first dollar on the Internet, please take a few moments and share it with us.   

Please send it to:
(In the subject field put: “Mark, How I Made My First Dollar”)

To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis

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