Sunday, February 8, 2015

Boosting Your Business and Sales In Facebook with a Great Call to Action!

On my last blog post I gave you the basics of what you’d need to get started using Facebook in your quest to generate traffic for your business.  If you still haven’t read that content, you can access it here:

Now I’m going to tell you how to get that traffic to move towards your marketing message and eventually your business sales funnel.  There are several things that you will need to do to motivate and influence people in order to get them to move to your sales page or squeeze page. This episode we’re going to focus on…

Using a Call to Action! (CTA)

The first thing you need to do is decide exactly what you want your audience to do.  Basically, you are going to ask them to stay engaged with you.  The whole idea is to get your readers to take several small and easy steps on their way to your irresistible offer. 

This is tricky, because each step along the way must LEAD the prospect in a manner that is non-threatening in a sales perspective. You’re not selling…You’re LEADING!  Once you have them in your sales funnel, there are different ways you can sell to them, but during your multi-step process you’ll need to engage them enough to have them move forward with you.

For example, you've got your Facebook business page set up with articles relevant to your niche.  Every now and then, you could refer to an interesting article on your blog, which in turn has a whitepaper, eBook, coupon or other relevant stuff to offer that’s free.

Take a look at Nature Valley Granola Bars Facebook Page. (My wife’s favorite hiking food!)  About every 5 or so posts, they have a posting similar to this one:

They have a link to their site, which usually has…COUPONS!!!  The next step in the natural order of things is the sale.  Pretty simple, eh?

Hook and Reel

Once you get your prospects to your site or destination, you’ll want to ask them to take the next step.  Depending on your where they are in your sales process, you will either sell them or move them closer to your sale. 

Usually, when the item or items are big ticket, the sales process is longer and probably looks like this:
Facebook page à Blog posts à Free eBook à Small purchase like an eBook ($29.00) à Bigger purchase like a course with videos ($ 100.00) Seminar or coaching sessions ($2000.00 and up).

The ultimate thrill for a marketer of this nature is to get you on their paid subscription because they’ll be making "mucho deniro" from you on a regular basis.

Get Prospects to Act…Fast
Sad but true, if people have too long to think about things, they won’t buy.  A good car salesman knows that the second you walk off the lot to think about it, you won’t be back.  (They call prospects like this “Be-Backs” because they know that you’ll never “be back”.)

So, whenever you give them an irresistible offer to act, you need to put a sense of urgency in there.  In my opinion the subtler you can do this the better.  One of the best examples I ever saw of this was a copywriter that said that for accounting reasons, he wouldn't be able to keep selling his course for a while. 

He went on for three or four pages talking about the course and very subtly, he’d mention that even though he was fighting his accountant for months on this, for tax reasons he wasn’t going to be able to offer it after a certain month and that he wouldn't be able to sell it again for 5 years or so.

I think this is the reason why coupons almost always have expiration dates on them.

Keep it Simple…Smarty!

The last bit of advice is that you’ll want to keep the process of ordering simple.  Don’t give any choices as far as products are concerned, and don’t make the prospect go through too many steps in the sales process. 

The only time you’ll want to give prospects more than one choice is how they are going to pay you! 1-800 numbers, Paypal, Credit Cards, whatever.  The more ways to pay the better. 

To Your Success!

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