Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wake Up Dummy! You’re In the Super Bowl Yourself – You Just Don’t Know It!

Without excluding myself, I think most people don’t get what it takes to become a success.  The reason why I’m not excluding myself is because I’m still on the path with the rest of you.  I haven’t
made it to where I want to be in my business, and every day that hippo is riding my back, reminding me that he’s still there. 

Before I get started, don’t start sending me email and comments telling me that you have the solution to my problem, because you don’t.   I’m sure that whatever marketing program you’ve created or are affiliated with on Click bank or whatever, has worked well for you.  As a matter of fact, it has worked so well that you have to lurk around social media sites to find easy prey to sell your stuff to.

In short, there is no quick solution to anyone’s problem.

I’m a copywriter and I network with other copywriters all the time.   If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times from folks that write advertising copy:

“The client thinks I’m the solution to all of their business problems.”

“The person that hired me thought that their product would fly off the shelf once I gave them their copy.”

“I had to get rid of this client because they wouldn't give me any of the information on their business that I requested.”

I actually know someone that hired one of the top copywriters in the country and paid him thousands of dollars to write a direct mail piece.  I was told that out of the thousands of pieces that were sent out there were only two responses, and that didn't even lead to a sale.

Is it the copywriter’s fault?  Perhaps the sales funnel wasn't thought through well enough.  Perhaps the list that was purchased didn’t target the right market segment.  Maybe a smaller mailing list could have been used to test the copy and the target audience.

Point is, if you are having a lack of success in your life, the person to blame is usually in the mirror.

You Are The Guy Or Gal In The Super Bowl…Believe It Or Not!

I’m not a sports fan at all.  As a matter of fact, I’m rather sports illiterate.  I’m the guy that’s always amazed at how well a basketball player can get that puck into the net using only a croquette mallet.  But I do know one thing, if you see a sports legend today that has made it into the big leagues, much less the Super Bowl, I’d say you are looking at someone that has had to make massive sacrifices to get there. 

They spent long, hard years honing their craft, pursuing their goals, all the while never knowing if they would make it even close to their goals. 

Lucas, Spielberg and the Super Bowl

I’m shifting gears to movies since I seem to know more about them than sports.  However, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are two great examples of individuals that overcame adversity.  Who wouldn't want to be these guys?  They get to make the coolest movies, hang out with giants in their industry, and spend their days creating cool stuff.

However, things weren't always so rosy.

When Lucas was in his 20’s he made his first mega-hit, “Star Wars”, a movie that literally changed the entire movie industry in more ways than one.  But, what most people don’t know is, that while the younger, skinnier George Lucas was in the process of making his big hit, he had a heart attack. 
The enormous pressure he was under by vicious businessmen and investors plus the grueling filming schedule he was under almost killed him.

Spielberg didn't have it much easier.  While filming his first mega-hit, “Jaws”, one of the things he had to look forward to everyday while making the film was extremely rude people that actually bullied him on the set.  Similar to Lucas, Spielberg had to deal with ruthless movie moguls, a crew that was getting into more trouble every day, and a massive mechanical shark named Bruce, that didn't work 70% of the time. 

By the way, both of these guys spent years in the industry prior to this making cheap movies or TV shows.  They were accustomed to doing a lot of grunt work and taking massive amounts of crap from people.

And the Point is Sports Fans:

Whenever you see anyone you admire that is bathing in success, just think, “How much crap did they have to do to get there?”

Chances are they went through an awful lot, and that’s why they are on the field moving the ball towards another goal.

To Your Success!

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