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What to Do With Your Facebook Prospects Once They Come To Your Site!

Over the last couple of days I’ve written about how to use a social media site like Facebook to cultivate and nurture relationships with prospects.  Now we’re going to talk about what to do with them once they get to your site. 
Unlike direct mail, which has a marketing process that looks like this:
Direct Mail One Step

Using social media to sell your, service, product, or ideas has a marketing process that looks something like this: (Facebook = Your Facebook Business or Fan Page.)

Web Savvy Facebook Marketing

So as you can see there is a distinct difference between the two processes. 

The Big Differences

The difference between the two is obvious; the direct mail method is a simple two step system that requires the medium (sales letter) to sell whatever it is you are trying to push.  The Facebook method requires multiple steps is more complex, requires more time and work and is more difficult to track. 

The direct mail method is simple, delivered exactly to the person or persons you want to connect with, and is much easier to track.  Let’s face it if you send out 100 direct mail pieces and 4 of them lead to a sale that’s 4%.  

However, finding out your rate of success with social media of any kind is going to be a daunting task.  Direct mail does require a lot of work, because you have to have the skill set to write copy that will convert to sales.  That is a lot of work on the front end.

The Hidden Benefits of Using Facebook to Market Your Business

The hidden benefits with the Facebook method are it’s much cheaper, and your message has the ability to hit larger numbers of people over and over again. 

  You can sell to them, and if they love what you sell them, they will spread your message for you virally.   Not only that, but you can easily stay in touch with people that subscribe to your Facebook page.  That means if they like your business and products, they may buy from you over and over again. 


After you go through all of the necessary steps to get prospects to your site, you’ll want to have the opportunity to eventually sell them. However, don’t get too excited yet!  We still have a trick or two to perform before we unleash our irresistible offer at them…

A Proper Pop-Up That’ll Eventually Convert
One good way you can use to build your list is to use a “Welcome” pop-up.  The Welcome pop-up will drastically increase the number of subscribers to your list. 

It has even been reported that one Internet marketer increased his opt-in rate by over 700% in just a few months by doing this.  I can’t confirm this, but I’m sure you’ll have a better opt-in rate using a Welcome pop-up than a static box on your page. 
Welcome Pop-up
Bench Prep Uses a Welcome Pop-Up

With the Welcome pop-up, you won’t send them to a sales page yet.  You will want so ease into the sale eventually at a later date.  At this point, you are merely growing your list of humble, yet starving followers. Yes, starving to hear more about your niche, service or product, and it can all be done very cheaply.

Overt - Subliminal Advertising
Here’s an idea that has been around for a while, and yet when we see it, we stuff it into the subliminal backs of our minds. It’s very, very common to see an ad at the top of many popular sites.  Because we have seen these advertising banners so much, we have a tendency to automatically think of it as being a vendor’s banner, rather than a banner of the SITE OWNERS. 

So, it would be a good idea to create your own banner as if were someone else’s!  Don’t lie, just advertise your product at the top of your page just like a banner.  Perhaps use different fonts and colors than the ones which are on your blog or website so that it register’s in your visitors mind as “just another ad”. 
You can either sell your stuff from the banner or use it as another way to get more people to sign up for your email newsletter. 
Web Savvy Banner Advertising
The Warrior Forum Sometimes Advertises It's Own
Products on Its Site Like WSO Special Offers

Another way to have banner advertising is to make them relevant.  In other words, if you are talking about kayaking, you could have a free video on how to put a kayak on top of a car, if you can get the person’s email.  So have a banner or button that your visitors can click on that is related to what you are talking about.

Keep Your Landing Page CLEAN!
One last piece of advice about these strategies, keep your landing pages clean.  Google gets it.  If you look at the search engine objectively, you’ll see just how clean it is.  While all of the other search engines like AOL, Yahoo and Altavista were busy putting more crap on their pages than you could stand, Google went with a very clean and elegant design. 

The reason?  The folks at Google wanted to make sure their visitors were focused on one thing: getting nothing but awesome search results.  If you went to Google you had only one option: SEARCH.

Google dominates
It's Easy To See Google is Very Focused on One Function...Searching!

So, when you have a page that’s supposed to make your visitor take a specific action, make sure NOTHING can get in their way.  Keep that page very simple and devoid of distractions.

To Your Success!

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