Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to Turn Your Zombie Facebook Presence into a Living Being!

If you are going to use Facebook to influence people and move them in a direction that you want them to go, you really need to pay attention to this post.  There is a distinct reason why so many companies actually hire people to run their social media marketing programs.  That reason is it takes time.

If you are going to use social media to influence people in a major way, it will take a lot of your time.  Continuous, daily, scheduled time.  You've got to show up…regularly and keep showing up.  This is a relationship game that requires a dedicated time investment.

So, just like all other forms of Internet marketing, the more they see, love, and trust you the better off you’ll be.  This leads me to my topic subject, transforming your zombie like Facebook presence into a persona that people can relate to.

I love meeting people.  Online, offline, I just love human interaction.  In my humble opinion, nothing is worse than talking to a piece of cardboard.  Actually, there is something worse: READING something that was written by a piece of cardboard!

I must confess, this is a facet of writing Blog posts that I need to be more conscious of, myself.  If you can somehow inject some of your REAL personality into your social media efforts, you’ll find that you will have success at a much faster rate. 

On the local news that I watch every morning before starting work, I watch the local news, mostly to see how bad the weather is going to be for the day.  Most of the newscasters or warm and friendly, even when they are reporting accidents and crime in the area (Some of them almost report the death and destruction with glee…but I digress.) 

There is one reporter that is usually at the site of the crime and just about every morning and when she reports the news like a bored zombie.  She looks like she just came from a funeral; her face is sullen and emotionless.  Every time we see her my says the same thing, “Is she really alive?”
So, you need to insert your personality in to your posts whenever you can.  

Talk About Other Things, Even if it’s “World War Z”!

Make sure you talk about off-topic issues once in a while.  Usually, if you do nothing but talk about your niche, no matter how great the information is, you’ll
be perceived as boring.  However, that’s not to say it can’t be related to your core topic in some way.

I used to get Dan Kennedy’s marketing newsletter on a regular basis, and I was always amazed at how easily and seamlessly he could shift to a subject that did not appear to be on the subject of marketing, but was.  He would talk about subjects that were related to his niche like: time management, celebrity issues, TV shows he liked or disliked, etc.  However, these issues did relate to his overall marketing message.

Current Events – Staying Sensitive to Things Around You
If there has been a horrible event caused by natural disasters, terrorism or even a Zombie apocalypse, you will be perceived as unthinking and uncaring if you continue talking about your business.  

So, be very careful when dealing with important social issues.  You can really damage all of the work, time and branding of your business if you ignore other people’s pain and anguish during trying times.

To Your Success!
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