Monday, February 2, 2015

The Web Savvy Traffic Generation of Using YouTube Channels Properly

Last week, I went into great depth on how to create videos that you can upload and use to drive traffic to your website or blog.  If you missed them, here is a list of links to those articles to help you get started:

Why You Should Use Sites Like YouTube To Post Your Videos

If you are going to use this method of Web savvy traffic generation, I have a few extra tips that might help you accomplish your goals. 

Many of the marketers out on the Web that are using video to get people to go to their squeeze pages or websites usually make one fatal mistake.  They create a YouTube video channel, and then they make as many videos as they can to post to that channel

The problem with this strategy is that you are sacrificing QUALITY in your video content.  

The Bad Online Video Experience

You are then treated to some guy driving his car trying to look like the coolest Internet marketing guru since the Rich Jerk.  You start watching, and obviously he has not thought one wit about what he was going to say. 

Even if he is telling you something of value that you've never heard before, it takes him so long to spit it out that you become frustrated and finally go elsewhere.  

It doesn't matter that he’s got 500 marketing videos on his YouTube channel, because you just haven’t got the time to listen to his nonsense.  Also, you suddenly notice that his video counts are very low and have been online for over 2 years. 

With all of that, why would you waste your time watching his junk?

The Great Online Video Experience

You find a video with the same title ““Using Social Networks for Generating Traffic to Your Blog” and click on it.  Right from the first second, you notice that
the video quality is great, the person speaking is dressed neatly and is speaking clearly.  

Even though it is exactly the same information as the last individual gave you, it is being said much more concisely, and he is moving through his main points with much better clarity.

Instead of driving his Jaguar past the beach, he is standing in front of a plain background with text popping up next to him, highlighting the key points.  You can tell from the onset, his goal is to make sure you get some valuable information from spending your valuable time watching his video. 

Being Web savvy, you know deep down inside that he’s eventually going to lead you to his sales funnel, but you don’t care!  If the product you eventually buy from this person is as high quality as his video, then you’ll gladly plunk down a good price to get it.

When the video ends, you click on the link to his YouTube channel and notice that even though some these videos have been online for 12 months, there is a rather large viewer count.

Not only are you a little smarter from having watched the video, you are now more YouTube savvy and you make a mental note to start looking at videos with a higher viewer count in the YouTube filter.

Quality VS Quantity

The point of this is, when you make bad videos and start uploading them to your site or channel, you are creating a brand and a presence online for yourself.  It’s exactly the same principle with writing blog posts.  If you write lousy, unfocused posts, nobody will read them and you’ll develop a bad reputation for yourself.

If you'd like to see a good example of an informative, high quality video watch this:

TIP:  Don’t just think about the video itself on YouTube, look at the comment section too.  If people are commenting on your video, write a response that is high quality, even if it is a negative comment.  Thank the individuals commenting and respond with kind words.  

This is what you call PROFESSIONALISM. If the comment is real bad, you can always delete it.  But try to display a professional attitude at all times.  If it is a criticism and it’s valid, thank the person commenting for their input give a nice answer and move on.

TIP 2:  Try to make a quick advertisement at the end of your video about your other videos.  The way I would recommend this would be to remind people of your YouTube channel and that you have more high quality videos for them to watch.  You can also plug your website and what it’s about after that as well.

To Your Success!

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