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Web Savvy Facebook Method of Filling Your Sales Funnel

Social Media, especially Facebook is very popular.  The Internet is loaded with entrepreneurs that are jumping on the social media bandwagon, thinking that it will reel in loads of customers and prospects. 

If you don’t believe me, just hop onto Facebook and type “Make Money” into the search field.  You’ll see volumes of people that are trying to get you to immediately buy their wares.

Usually, these are big picture ads telling you to “click here” to find out how to make boatloads of money by either following their advice or selling you a product.  Unfortunately, this is not the way social media works.

Sure, you might get lucky and out of 5,000 or so posts of that nature, you could sell a person or two.   However, the chances of that are slim.  You first need to identify and clarify your sales funnel and its relationship with your Facebook business page.

TIP:  By the way, many people think that if you just use social media channels,
you can make mega-bucks with your business and walk away a winner.  I recently saw an episode of Shark Tank wherein a woman did just that.  She would post items she saw in stores and different places and people would buy similar items from her through her social media site.

However, what if the social media site goes down because it was hacked into?  What if someone banned her account or in my case, the hosting company wanted to charge me a large fee for bandwidth because there was a flood of people on my site buying stuff. (True story!)

The fact of the matter is, to quote Dan Kennedy, “If you are using only one channel or method of selling your product or service, then you are in a very dangerous position. And that’s because if something were to happen to that channel, you’d be out of business!”

‘Nuff said!

So getting back to our Facebook strategy, ask yourself a question:
How does my Facebook page relate to my sales process or where are my prospects at in the buying process?

Will Facebook fans actually buy from me?

How can I track my conversions so I can see whether or not Facebook is worth my time?

Dealing With the Reality of Facebook Marketing

If you cannot answer at least two of the questions above, then you may be wasting your time.  There are social media forces at work that you won’t understand and that could lead to you wasting a lot of time and money. 

Let’s take a good look at question #1 “How does my Facebook page relate to my sales process?”

You first need to have a sales funnel for your product.  Usually, Facebook pages are very early on in the sales process, thus putting it near the very top of the funnel.  On very rare occasions, you’ll have someone that will but from you right out of the starting gate, but that is rare.

You need to keep in mind that Facebook pages, like other social media pages, are trust and relationship builders.  (That is actually the answer to question #2!) 

Once a person likes what you represent, they will join your page and begin to participate.  However, in the scheme of things, very few people out of many will join your page, very, very few will participate.   Social media experts will tell you that a whopping 90+% of the people that go to your Facebook business page are browsers or lurkers. 

They know what they’re talking about.

I think the very first marketing book I read years ago, was by Jay Conrad Levinson in his CLASSIC marketing book, Guerrilla Marketing.  I say “classic” because you should go back and read it once a year.  Mr. Levinson made the observation that in order for people to trust you, they need to see you over and over again. 

This is the reason why mainstream businesses like Progressive Insurance and McDonald’s are always in your face.  Billboards, TV commercials, coupons in newspapers, magazine ads, etc.  The more you see these companies’ ads the more you feel like you know them.  No matter how bad Mickey -Dees hamburgers are for your health, you still want to buy from them.  This generation can barely recall a time that you didn't see the “golden arches” in almost every town you went to.

Not only that, but I think their Big Macs taste good, and people like them.

Checking Conversions from Your Facebook Page.

I’m sure that there are all sorts of high-tech methods, but being a cheap skate marketer, I like to do it up right and NOT spend money on tracking. So, here is my method…Cheap and easy.

Have an exclusive page on your site or blog with which to send your Facebook traffic from.  Google Analytics is a tool a lot of people use to track their traffic with. If you follow the directions on Google Analytics, which usually is nothing more than dropping a bit of code into your site, you should be able to see how much traffic that’s being generated from your Facebook page. 

If you’re like me and use Google’s Blogger, you can use the “Stats” checker in Blogger.  There is a menu in Stats that lets you check traffic sources.  The cool thing about Blogger’s traffic checker is that it is built into the system already, so you shouldn't need to place code into any of the Pages I’m sure that someone will tell me that this is not the most accurate way to go, and they would probably be right. 

However, most businesses on the Internet are not MASSIVE BEHEMOTHS, and therefore in the early phases of client and customer acquisition, can keep it cheap for a while. But this should give you a good idea if you’re getting any traffic from your Facebook page.

Reference Section:

Getting Started With Google Analytics Video

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