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The Top 3 Web Savvy Facebook Traffic Generating Tips

Over the last week, we’ve explored strategies and tactics for using Facebook as a traffic generator for your business.  These strategies will get you started as quick as possible, and to make sure you get off on the right foot with Facebook, here are the links to those posts:

Getting People to Leave Facebook and Come to Your Website
Today we are going to look at 3 ways to easily get people to come to your blog or website.  Up till now we’ve been mostly talking about what to do with people when they get to your site.
Now I’m going to show you what you should do on Facebook itself to motivate your crowd to move in a direction that is conducive to your business.  We’ve already talked about what you should be posting, now we’re going to look at how you should post.  (If you don’t know what to post, please look at the video I’ve posted: HERE

Tip #1 Post Web Address of Post or Web Page into Facebook
The primary way I use Facebook to promote my site is by posting a blurb about what I wrote on my blog for the day.  I pretty much write 500 to 1000 word articles as frequently as I can.  When I do this, I go to Facebook and on my business page, I’ll post a brief message about the subject I’m writing about as an intro.  Then, I paste the URL of the blog post into the message field. 
Automatically, a picture will appear from the blog post itself as well as the title and link to it. I also do this on Google + as well and here is what it looks like right after you paste the URL into the field:

Facebook and Google + are almost exactly alike in this nature.
 If your blog post or landing page does not have a picture on it, you can always add a picture directly from your computer.  As always, make sure that it is relevant to your post. 

Tip #2 When Posting - Use a Dynamic Headline

This is a tactic where learning how to write a little advertising copy might help.  You want to have headlines on your posts that are relevant yet DYNAMIC!   The best way to learn these is to start going to well written squeeze pages and make copies of the headlines that impress you the most. Then, keep them in a file so you can use them as a basis of a headline later. 

For Example:

“My $10 Million Dollar Discovery!”

That was a title of a book by Internet marketing specialist Yanik Silver.
You could easily create a headline for your post that read: “My $5 Thousand Dollar Discovery”, or “My Massive Cash-Flow Discovery” or even “My Amazing Facebook Marketing Discovery!”

Please bear in mind that when you are collecting these ideas to not use the exact same words, but learn from them and draw ideas from them. 

If you are going to stay in the Internet marketing arena for a while, then you’ll need to keep a swipe file and learn as much as you can about writing copy.  You may not have any desire to be a copywriter yourself, but you need to at least understand it when you hire someone to write copy for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure that you are not misrepresenting the content you are directing them to.  If you do that prospects will automatically see you as a waste of time.  You can still make the lead – in exciting and on-topic at the same time.   

Here's a good video that'll give you a few pointers on writing a good headline.

Tip #3 Make Sure You Post at the Right Time

Using Facebook and other social media sites is an awful lot like fishing.  My dad was an incredible fisherman. A natural, actually. He always told me the best fishing hours were from 5:00 AM and 8:00AM and then later on in the day from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. He almost always brought a load of fish home to clean.

Facebook is almost the same way.  When people get up first thing in the morning, they are looking for something to read and when they start getting home from work they are on usually. 

So if you can get yourself on just before those peak hours, you’ll get the most eyes on your postings.

To Your Success!
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