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Getting Your Web Savvy Video Published Online To Generate a Flood of Traffic!

OK, now you are on your last step of creating and posting your first video on the Internet.  I am assuming that for now you are going to be posting to YouTube because it is probably the easiest way to get your video out there so you can get some traffic to your site or blog. 

(If you want to read the previous articles on this subject the links will be provided at the end of this post.)

The other reason why I suggest that you post to YouTube is because you’ll get success much quicker. You’ll be ecstatic getting your first video published online, so you’ll want to get more of them done.  Nothing will get a student more motivated to learn and do more than a successful experience. 

Getting Your New Web Savvy Video In Front Of the Right Audience

Once you have your video complete, you will want to get it in front of the right audience.  You can have the greatest video ever made and even win some sort of award for it, but if you don’t get in front of people that are hungry for the information that’s on it, your goal will be missed.

Utilize Social Media Channels

You can go to different social media sites and post a quick snippet of information about your video that you posted to your YouTube channel.  All you have to do is go to your social media page, write a brief introduction to your video and then copy and paste the web address of the video into the posting area of the social media site and hit “Enter”.    Magically you’ll see the actual video clip appear!

Screen Shot of social media channel:
Web savvy video posted to YouTube

You can use this technique on a whole boatload of social media sites like Facebook (in picture) Google Plus, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  You don’t even have to rewrite the posts and the links, you can just write the first one, copy it and paste it to the other sites.

Now, this is assuming that you've been cultivating and socializing with people that are interested in your niche and that may be interested in what you have to offer on these social networking sites.  If you aren't cultivating people that are interested in your business, then you’ll be wasting your time because if they aren't interested in your message it won’t even watch it.

Make Your Title Keyword Rich and Interesting

You need to do some keyword research to see what keywords people are interested in before you name your video and post it to the Internet.  The best way to do that is by consulting Google’s Keyword Planner.  

If you already have a Gmail account you can easily get an AdSense account and access the Keyword Planner.  This tool will allow you to check and see what keywords people are looking at and how much.  Ideally, you’ll want to get words or phrases that people are looking up but are underused. Once you have done your keyword homework you’ll want to include the words or phrase in the title of your video.

 Build Your YouTube Channel

I often forget this because it’s so obvious, but YouTube is a social media channel itself.  You can easily create your own channel on YouTube, trick it out with banners and backgrounds to make it look cool and start inviting people to it that may be interested in your videos.  

You’ll eventually find out that people that pop-over from Facebook and other sites also are into YouTube, and have been at least posting family or hobby videos on there as well.

Use Other Video Sites Too!

Once you get some experience using and posting to YouTube, you can now start to post to other video sites as well.  Almost all of them are very, very similar.  All you have to do is create accounts to them and post. 

Don’t Forget Your Blog!

Web savvy marketers should always post their videos to their blogs.  When I post a video to my blog, I always try to make it relevant to what I’m writing about.  Some people don’t even blog, they “Vlog” or create a video blog. Instead of writing, they will record a video and then post it on the Internet on a regular basis.  

The big problem with this is Google will usually rank your webpage based on the content that’s written on your site.  So a blog (or Vlog) that only has video on it will be much harder to rank than a blog that is well written.   The other problem I've seen with Vlogs are that they are usually poorly made and boring.  

When you consider the procedures we've posted in previous posts and the care you must take to make an excellent video, it would take a lot of time and effort to accomplish.

If you are interested in seeing how to post or embed a video into a blog, watch this video.  The procedure involves getting the embed code from YouTube for your video and placing it into the HTML code into Blogger.  Pretty much the same procedure with WordPress and other types of blog platforms.

I hope the series this week has helped you decide on whether or not you’ll want to use video to market your services or products with.  It’s really not that hard to learn and once you’ve made your first one the rest are pretty easy.

Here are the links to this week’s series on marketing with video. (In order of their appearance.)

To Your Success!

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