Monday, January 12, 2015

An Internet Traffic Generation Method That Any Web Savvy Marketer Can Do!

If you've been reading this blog over the last several weeks, you’ll probably notice that I've been writing about specific ways that you can drive traffic to your website or blog.

Here is a list of Internet Traffic Driving Methods I have covered so far.  Clicking the links will take you to the specific pages:

Now I’m sure that there are all sorts of web savvy Internet marketers out there that will read this stuff and say, “Hey, there’s nothing really new here!  I
already know this junk.  Who does he think he is throwing this old information around?”

Well, let me tell ya something pal, there really isn't anything new under the sun.  Give me any Internet marketing technique or strategy that YOU have under your belt, and I bet that I've already heard it.  This is why it cracks me up when I see some IM guru acting like they've got some new-fangled technique or course that is SECRET.  Bull-KaKa!  

Granted, there are loads of newbies jumping on the IM bandwagon willing to try their hands at making money online that have never heard this stuff.  But for the person that has been actually doing IM for a while you've probably already seen these.

The reason most of you haven’t been successful is because the execution and duration of your efforts has been lacking.  That and the fact that you may have been doing a half-a** job at it.

My way of thinking is that it’s always good to review or read up on these techniques.  Sometimes there is a new or different spin that I missed, but it has been my experience that most IM methods are the same and easily accessible provided you can find them on the Web.

So, having said all of that, here’s the next Internet traffic generating method…

Make a Free Offer on Online Classifieds

This method is pretty straightforward, and isn't complicated at all.  All it involves is the ability to write a short ad, asking a prospect to take some sort of action in order to get a freebie from you.

The action you want is to get the person to give you their email or contact information. The reason you want the email is so you can build your list; the most valuable asset and powerful marketing weapon in your arsenal. 

But I digress…

The most popular online website that is most like a classified ad in the newspaper is Craigslist.  However, you have to pay for an ad in Craigslist, just as if you would have to pay for an ad in your newspaper.  However, the response you can get if you do a good job of writing an ad can be terrific. 

If you go this route, make sure that your offer is real good.  If you can offer more than one free thing for going to your site and signing up, the more irresistible your offer will be to the reader.
There are also several online free classifieds online, many of them run only ads that are specific to the area where you live.

Here is a listing of a few of them:

Craigslist  ̶  The mega-online classified ads site that has the largest reach.
eBay Classifieds  ̶  eBay’s classified site has a rather large audience and you can place an ad there for free too!
Classifieds Giant – One of the big dogs in classified marketing on the Net.
Free Classified Ads– These are free ads that are   to advertise to people where you live.
Oodle  ̶  This is kind of unique.  It takes listings from other sites and combines them with their own.
Back Page  ̶   Offers free classified ads and can be placed locally or nationally.
Classified Ads With aClick  ̶   This site offers free online listings as well.  ̶  Another free classified page.  Free online local listings.
Recycler is a buy, sell and trade local listing.

When you combine some of these in your marketing efforts, you may get a trickle of traffic from them, but if you keep following this blog and start applying all of the traffic generating strategies together, that trickle may turn into a flood of prospects that are hungry for your irresistible offer.

To your continued success!

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