Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Web Savvy Smart Forum Way to Market Your Business

As you've seen in past posts on this blog, I've been writing about all of the ways you could use to get free traffic.  The reason I’m doing this is because I’m a person that hates debt with a passion.  If I can figure out a way to do something without spending a wad of money, I’ll do it.

Now, this is not to say that you should never spend money on your business.  Later on down the road, when you are making good money, the traffic is flowing to your website, and sales are converting, you’ll start to value your time more than doing menial tasks.

Eventually, you’ll want to outsource certain aspects of your business because it will be more valuable for you to do other more important things, like product creation or managing people that are doing tasks for you.

If you decide to hire someone…

Don’t try to be too cheap! If you start hiring other people to do certain tasks for you, make sure they can do good work, and that they are competent.  That means you’ll be paying more.  In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than hiring someone to write your blog articles for you and barely have command of the English language.  Unless you want a really lousy reputation, always do your best, or hire someone that can do it for you correctly.

Using the FREE Smart Forum Method of Generating Traffic

A few posts back, I briefly touched on one of the ways you could use forums to get free traffic to your Website.  This time, I’m going to show you a slightly different strategy of using forums that you can use to get people to go to your

This Web savvy strategy is different than other methods of generating traffic, because it requires you to do something that usually goes against the grain of Internet marketing. You are not going to mention your website using this method.


(Well, at least not for a while, anyway.)

  The Smart Forum / Web Savvy Method Step by Step

1.        Locate forums that are related to your niche or business.  Pretty simple, eh?  To find these forums using Google, simply type in your niche key word, or keywords plus the word “forum”.   For example, if your passion is gerbils, then type in “gerbil forum”.  If you passion for gerbils is in racing them, then type in “gerbil racing forum”.  It’s just that simple! You will want to register with every gerbil racing forum you can find.

2.       Go undercover.  Once you join these forums, go on them and make well written, helpful posts to people that are asking questions.  Your goal at this point is to become a familiar part of that forum landscape that people will eventually recognize. If you do this enough, people will start looking to you as a “go-to guy”.  Someone that other forum members can look to for advice. Notice:  Make sure that you are working within your niche and that you know or have researched a good answer when responding to thread questions on a forum.  If you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about you’ll stick out as a phony.

3.       Once you have made about 20 posts or more, you can add your tag line and web address to at the end of posts on forum you've been posting at. (Usually forums want you to earn the privilege of posting your website address and tag line to their sites by writing a bunch of posts first.)  
      Your tag line (AKA signature line) is a brief catchphrase or slogan that you place right after your name on a post, correspondence or other communication.  If you look at my blog posts you’ll see my catchphrase right after my name.  Try to make yours interesting so that people wil want to

4.       Rinse and repeat.  If you write excellent responses that are detailed and well written, you will gain the attention of people that will eventually see you as an authority.  Once that ground work has been laid people will start to follow you to your site, sign up for your irresistible free offer and eventually buy from you.

Note: Make sure before you begin this strategy that you check to see if the forum you are posting at will allow you to eventually place your web address on your posts.  If the forum does not allow that, you will be wasting your time.

To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis

"When it Comes to High-Response Copy - I've Got Your Back!"

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