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Get More Internet Traffic to Your Site by Using This One Simple Marketing Strategy

Most of the traffic generating ideas you read about on this blog look real easy.  One of the reasons for this is because I’m an actual, certified teacher. I’ve taught almost 30 different subjects in the last 20 years, and I believe in giving you concise information and instructions, rather than giving you a lot of “fluff”. 

So, whenever I actually get around to putting down the exact steps to help you generate traffic to your site or blog, it is usually to the point.

A Bad Illusion

However, the problem with this is that gives you the illusion that doing the task is easy.  In Internet marketing NOTHING IS EASY.
I once saw a YouTube video where in the famous copywriter Gary Halbert talked extensively about marketing on the Internet.  One of the things he talked about was how much harder it was to sell things by way of the Internet than it was by direct mail.  One of the reasons he felt this way was because there are way too many distractions on here. 

I’ve posted a video here where the late Mr. Halbert talks about Search Engines:

My Master’s degree is in Education Technology and for years I’ve observed how long it can take a student to find good, solid information using the Internet.  If you go to the library looking for a book on Renaissance art, chances are that if you know how to use a card catalog system it’ll take you 5 minutes to find an entire section of books on that subject. 

But on the Internet, there are too many things competing for your attention.  There’s email, texting, gaming, advertisements, favorite sites and of course the biggest distraction…Social media.  And even if you happen to stay on task, finding a good site (despite how good Google’s algorithm is) can sometimes be very difficult.   

If you don’t know how to look for something it can be quite difficult. 

So, without going into great detail on situations where I had to help students find specific information I’ve learned one important thing.   If it’s difficult to find and sift through and find information on common subjects on the Internet, how much harder is it going to be to find your business on here?

Here’s The “One Easy Trick” I Told You About

The trick is simple in principle, but requires WORK.  As Edison so aptly put it,
“The only place you’ll find SUCCESS before WORK is in the dictionary.”

Here is the strategy: Becoming an authority or having an authority site. 

There are several paths to becoming an authority, but the most popular way to become one on the Internet is by using a blog and regularly posting outstanding information on it.  Now, that’s a very simplified strategy or idea, but it’s true and it works.

However, the steps to becoming an authority or authority site require a lot of work.  Here are just a few of the things that you need to do to become an authority in your chosen niche.  (You do have a niche, don’t you?) 

1.        Publish really great information about your niche on your site or blog.
2.        Make sure you link out to other valuable links in your niche that are relevant to what you are writing about.
3.       Post good quality info everyday on your blog or website
4.       Post short snippets about your updates to all social media sites you are associated with letting people know that you posted.
5.       Guest write in forums, other people’s blogs and anyone else that’ll let you as much as you can.  
Make sure that you post your website links are on those posts.

That was the short and sweet answer.  You can accelerate this whole process by doing some offline marketing too:
1.        Do public speaking and give out your site address and email addresses
2.       Put your website address on every direct mail piece that you send out
3.       Make sure your email address has your website address on it.
4.       Write a book on Amazon and tell people there are bonuses on your site and place your site’s address in the book. (Side note – writing a published book will quickly make you an authority.)

web savvy Internet marketer
Here’s A Strategy On How To Become An Authority On The Internet In A Year

I’m sure that you’ve seen these strategies before.  However, it doesn’t hurt to reiterate them and remind you of what you have to do to move your Internet business forward.  In order to get your site really noticed, I’m including a link to a document that will really get you moving if you do most of what’s in it.

 Years ago an IM superstar named Brett Tabke wrote a post o n a forum that later became a rather famous E-book on IM called “The 26 Steps” Here is a FREE copy of that document.  If you are even remotely serious about Internet marketing, then you’ll read this excellent document and begin to use the steps he so graciously shared with everyone.

One other resource I’ve already mentioned in another post is Bob Bly’s most excellent book, “How to Become an Authority in 90 Days or Less” And the link is to the post where you can get it.
To Your Success!

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P.S.  Here's a link to Gary Halbert's site: The Gary Halbert Letter

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