Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Get Web Savvy ̶ Get Loads of Internet Traffic With This Ordinary Keyword Tactic!

Update On Yesterday’s Rant:

Yesterday I kinda – sorta started off on a negative rant about how some folks
are always expecting a new unheard of method of traffic generation.  I even went so far as to post a picture of a disgruntled George Costanza next to my irate writings in an effort to drive my point across.

Sorry about that. 

An unfortunate side-effect of socializing on the Internet is we don’t actually don’t actually see and face the people we are talking to.  Therefore, the real JERK comes out of the person, sometimes like a demon possessed Linda Blair. 

I’m not referring about my rant, or myself in this case.  The only reason I’m saying I’m sorry is because I’m a nice guy overall, I just didn’t want anyone to think I was trying to be rude.  Nope, I’m talking about people I bump into quite frequently on the Net. 

At least once a month, I get some foul mouthed idiot that thinks he’s the next Frank Kern with an attitude, throwing all sorts of nasty language on my comment section.  These people think they’re original, but they are not because their ilk is everywhere. 

My way of thinking is: if you’ve heard this all before, then why are you wasting your time on my site?  If you’re making loads of cash on the Internet, then why, oh why, are you wasting your time commenting on a blog you think is worthless?

Side Note: If you want a real quick lesson in how insane and insensitive people can be on the Internet, just head on over to YouTube.   You can watch a few videos of the way people behave in a virtual world like Second Life.   (Just type in “Fight on Second Life” into the YouTube search field.  Warning: don’t have children in the room when you watch these.)

Just to Drive My Point Across…Again!

Yesterday I watched an excellent YouTube video called “Seven Strategies for Building an Email List” which had excellent production value. The speakers were articulate, knew exactly what they were talking about and made their entire living doing Internet marketing. 

However, there wasn’t anything new or earthshattering about the information they were putting out.  It was all basic stuff that was talked about in a very intelligent manner. I don’t care how many times I’ve studied these tactics, I loved the clip and I HIGHLY recommend it.  As a matter of fact I’m embedding it here:

Focus On Creating Great Content

This is one of those traffic generating methods that most people seem to skip.  The problem with most people that write blogs is that they get burned out after a while.  On average, people that start blogging quit after only a few weeks.  Almost 70% won’t make it to 6 months and only a handful will make it to several years of blogging. 

So, if you don’t love writing and creating valuable content, then this method of traffic generation is probably not for you.

However, if you do like to write and can do it without having to see any benefit for an indefinite period of time, then this is the way you should go.  Bear in mind that nobody on the planet can tell you exactly how long it’s going to take before you get noticed or the Search Engine Gods will grant you their Page One blessings.  This is one of those things that just takes time.

Kill Two or Three Birds with One Stone to Get More Traffic Traction

If you write good, solid, sequenced content you can get more traction from your posts.  I would suggest writing sequenced material like a book.  You can plan out your blog posts like a table of contents for a book.  Then, once you have a butt-load of material, add a little more to it and turn it into an information product or an E-Book. 

You can then brand the E-Book with your Web address, contact information or place your irresistible offer in it and either start selling it or give it away.  This way you’ll have another traffic generating tool that’ll be out there in cyberspace working for you and getting your message out there.

If you write a lot of great content, quite a few people will take notice of you and begin linking and referring people to your site.

To Your Success!

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