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How to Get Loads of Traffic to Your Website by Giving Away A FREE Product

I know for a fact that this technique works, because it worked on me.  Years ago, I had an online embroidery service that I ran almost day and night like
a mad man.  I sometimes look back at the 5 or so years I put into that business and ask myself, “What were you thinking?” 

Not that I didn’t do well in the business, I was doing fine. It’s just that I did everything.  I digitized the designs, sewed them out, created and maintained the ecommerce Web site, packaged up the products and sent them to the customers, handled the messed up orders and communicated with the customers. 

Yeah, you guessed it…I got burned out!

I also did the marketing, which is where I started to learn many new things I never knew before, like the power of viral content.

What happened was this:  I was bouncing around the Internet, looking for ideas on how to sell my products and I got a free E-book from a guy by the name of Dan Kennedy.  It was all about how I could market my products and services easily by following his advice. At the time, the only marketing book that I had read in its entirety was Guerilla Marketing” byJay Conrad Levinson.  An excellent book, and I would HIGHLY recommend it.   

I found the Kennedy EBook to be MOST enlightening.  So much so, that I remember reading the entire contents in one setting.  Of course, this led me to look for more about the man, which gave me a very fast education; he was all over the Internet and he had quite a following.

I am always impressed by people that can actually do what they say they can do.  Monsieur Kennedy had loads of published books to his credit, a massive website loaded with mouth-watering marketing products, and a world class newsletter which I quickly subscribed to.  All in all, I would say that I spent somewhere in the vicinity of $5000 with the man over a period of 5 years.
And to think that sale all started with a free EBook. 

So, please don’t tell me that this tactic doesn’t work, because I’m living proof (At least from a prospect perspective) that it does. 

What I Have Since Learned About Creating and Using Viral EBooks

There are a few lessons that I have since taken away from this experience that I think would be worth noting:
·         You can spread your marketing message around to whoever you want FOR FREE.  Always keep this in mind, because it is important.  You may think that it is a waste of time because you have to take the time to write the material, but when you compare the time you spent versus the amount of money AND time you would have to spend on an advertising campaign, the price is minimal.

·         The information that you put into your EBook must be as high quality as you can deliver.  If you hand out crap to your potential clients and customers, what will that say to the folks that would consider hiring or purchasing something from you?  So, always put out world class information in your EBook.

·         Make sure you know how to format your material in the EBook, and take a little time to plan out what you are going to say.  A good way to do that would be to create a table of contents before you actually write the material.  Once you have the skeleton (Table of Contents) you’ll be able to write the EBook much quicker and in a logical progression.

·         Make the darn thing interesting.   I can’t remember much about Dan Kennedy’s book specifically, but I do know that his writing was interesting.  If you can write stories that people can remember and add that personal touch to what you are writing, then your document will sing!   People will pass it on to others that will find it interesting and then pass it on to others that will find it interesting and then ….Voila! VIRAL CONTENT!
·         If you can, try to find or create pictures that you can include in your Ebook that will emphasize or make your points and information more interesting. 

·         If you refer people to other resources, try to make the resources as high quality as you can.  You want people to not only read your material, but also you want them to look up to you as a valuable resource.  If you refer someone to a dynamite resource like a book or a course and they loved it, then they’ll look to you as a source of information.  That means that they’ll refer you, come back to you and even use your products and services.  See?

HOT TIP:  If you are wondering where you are going to find the time to write all of this material, there are several things you can do to lighten the load. 

Idea 1: For one thing, if you write your own blog posts and can create a theme out of them, you can take the material from the blog, embellish it, organize it, put relevant images and resources in it and use that as the material for your EBook.   You don’t have to worry about duplicate content issues in a .pdf file online.

Idea 2: The other idea is you could always hire a ghost writer.  Hey, Internet marketers use them all of the time to create online articles and posts, so if you can do it within your budget, why not?

Check Out These Excellent Free EBooks and Use Them as a Model for Your Own

I could go into more detail, but what you need to do now, is take a look at a few Free Ebooks so you can get an idea of what type of books to write and pass out.

Here are a few that I know of that are well done and FREE!

The Secret 7 EBook by Mark "Elmo" Ellis

Once again I hope you gained a lot of knowledge that you can actually use on your own viral content EBook!

To Your Success!

Mark “Elmo” Ellis

"When it Comes to High-Response Copy - I've Got Your Back!"

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