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How Web Savvy Marketers Get loads of People to Come to their Sites Using Link

According to most SEO experts the trump card with Google to get your website ranked higher is incoming links.  However, having said that, I must say that getting links is a lot easier said than done.  If you run a popular or even semi-popular website, you’ll probably be inundated with all sorts of requests to trade links with someone.

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Usually the email conversation goes something like this:

Them:  I’m the website owner of and I think it would be beneficial if we traded links with each other.  I would really, really, really, be interested in trading links with you.  As soon as I see that you have placed a link to my site from yours, I’ll link back to you, OK?

You:  Oh, goody...Yawn.

Now, if you are new to Internet marketing, the reason you want to get links from other people’s sites is because Google will rank you higher on the search engine results pages (SERPS).  That means when someone types into a search engine “Yellow Yo-Yos” and your site has a bunch of links pointing to your site, you are more than likely going to show up on page 1 of the SERPS. 

Just Bear These Web Savvy Rules In Mind

However, there are a couple of rules that go along with this; the main one being that the links have to be relevant.  In other words, if you are selling yellow Yo-Yo's, you don’t want a site that sells financial software linking to your site.  You’d be much better off having Toys-R-Us linking to your site because it’s a toy
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OK?  So in some way shape or form, you need toy shops, other Yo-Yo sites, novelty stores, etc. linking to you. 
Another thing you may want to consider is if the person that wants to trade links with you has a decent, well made site.   Even if it is relevant, you need to make sure that the site that’s asking for a trade is a site WORTHY of you linking back to. 

Think about it.  Do you really want to refer people from your site to a crappy one? 

Think about this: would you recommend a lousy restaurant that serves up bad food just because they put your name in a newsletter they were handing out?  Of course not!  Your friends or clients would go there, try to eat whatever garbage was being sold, vomit, and then look for every occasion to badmouth you and your business.

If you’re going to take your Internet business very serious, you’re not going to your site’s visitors, poorly run websites or businesses.  As I said in a previous post, you’ll want to be a good solid resource site for other people to look to in a pinch.

So, if you want to move up in the Search Engines, you need to:
  • 1        Build a site that’s worth something.  Make it a site that people will want to link to because it is a great site for information, inspiration, and resources. 
  • 2      Make sure that if you link to other people’s sites that they are outstanding also. 

If you have a good site, one that you work on every day and add outstanding content to you’ll be a site that people will link to automatically to. 

In my next post, I’ll cover how to properly approach other people to relevant links which will move you up the SERPS and get you ORGANIC (meaning the search engine gods are going to favor you and move you up the results pages…FOR FREE) rankings in the search engines.

A Great Article on Obtaining Links

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