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Web Savvy: How to Use Social Media to Generate Loads of Traffic to Your Site

Social Media is a hot topic, possibly the hottest on the Internet, so I guess I better move my rumpus to show you how to generate traffic with it.  Even though there are web savvy gurus that are specialized in how to get loads of followers almost overnight on Facebook or LinkedIn, I’m just going to show you how I use it to get people over to my blog.

Actually, this the last post in my series of blog posts I started writing awhile back, and then for some odd reason, I decided to just write about traffic generating methods.  This is also a method of generating a load of traffic to your site as well, but if you want the whole treatment on how to decide on a niche,  get a blog or website, make schedule for yourself and get started read these posts first:

Ok, once you have loaded up on those goodies, you can now proceed on to the next step. You’ll want to join as many of the top drawer social media sites that you can.  You can see the list of some of them in the graphic.  I wouldn't join more than six or seven social media sites for starters because as you’ll see in a minute, this tactic will eat up some of your time. 

The easiest way to explain this is with a graphic:

In the center of your social marketing universe is your blog.  It’s the place where you’ll post high quality content for the niche that you have decided upon.  My recommendation is to write at least 500 word posts, include pictures, charts and graphs as well as relevant YouTube videos.  If you really want to get the low down on how to write really great blog posts here are a couple of awesome references:

The Hardest Part...

In my humble opinion, this is the hardest part of the whole scheme.  You have got to get your readers engaged in what you have to say.  If you don’t somehow connect with them, they’ll come to your site, poke their heads in the door, and then leave probably never to return. So, you need to write awesome content, or at least enough to be seen as a good resource for your herd.

Once you’ve written your blog post, you can now start to work with the different social media sites.  You aren’t going to write entire posts for them, you are merely going to write a brief notice of your post and then place it into the social media sites.  For example:

How I Made a Huge Mistake and Got Slapped in the Face by a Supermodel --- Read it Here:  ß (Blog Post Address – Not the home page of your blog, but the specific post page.)

You can then copy that entire message and begin to post it into the different social networking sites you have joined.  (This is why I told you to join only six or seven of them, because it would take you a considerable amount of time to post on all of these.)

Now, this isn't all there is to this strategy.  Make sure that you use the following steps:

1.       Use relevant, exciting pictures. They will draw attention to your post on the sites because they will pop up next to your post.

2.       Make sure your web address is from the post’s exclusive page.  In other words, when you go to your blog you’ll see a bunch of your previous posts on there.  You don’t want your blogs home page address to post with your announcement.  You want to click on the post title and it will take you to the specific post page.  You then highlight that address to post on social media sites!

3.       You will want to post in different groups too on those social media sites. For example, you are on Facebook, you’ll want to join as many of those groups on there that relate to your niche.  You can post to those places as well.  You can usually do that by joining those groups and posting regularly to them. 

4.       Remember, this is a long term strategy, not overnight.  It takes people awhile to know you and love what you have to say.  If you start getting a lot of traffic right away, don’t get too excited.  There are a TON of people out there that will click on your link and not even read what you have to say, much less respond to any offer you have.

5.       If I were you, I wouldn’t try to sell anyone anything for quite some time.  You are building trust just like any other business.  McDonald’s wasn’t built in a year.  It took decades to get to where it is now.
I’m sure your brain is full now.  Go out there and give it your best shot and remember THIS IS A LONG TERM STRATEGY!!!   Slow and steady wins the race!

To Your Success!
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