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Using Offline Web Savvy Tactics to Generate Online Traffic

But First a little encouragement…

Web Savvy Blogging
Let me tell you a little secret, I’m not a good blog writer.  I know that’s hard for you to believe, but it’s true. (I hope you can detect my genuine sense of humor too.)  I don’t sit down and write an outline and meticulously plan out what I’m going to say.  I usually have a general idea about what I’m going to talk about and then I spit it out.

So, if you’re starting to blog or write pages of content in order to get people to come to your site, take heart; you don’t have to be a blogging or writing genius to get started.  Just make sure you are writing coherently, concisely, and you’re sticking to your subject.  If you’re real bad at writing, then you may want to get a tutor.  You can find all sorts of them online.

The main thing is that you get started, no matter what.

I personally never studied grammar.  All through my eight plus years of college, I did tons of writing and my professors never complained a bit.  Other than my English teachers, I think that most of them didn't know all the rules of grammar and English either.  I still have problems with using commas in all of the correct places, but I can recall only once when someone told me I had used one wrong.

Using Offline Marketing to Get Traffic to Your Site

Once again, this is an easy thing to learn, you just have to implement it.  If you
Internet marketing and offline marketing
are a regular, offline bricks and mortar business, then you should consider getting a website.  Today, most people, won’t take your business serious unless you have a website.  Just like the days before the Internet, people wouldn't take you serious unless you had a business card.

Having a website will drive business to your offline business and having an offline business can drive traffic to your website.

The lesson I Learned from A Catering Business

Years ago I used to build websites and show them how to market their businesses off and online.  I had a client that had a catering business and he wanted a website for various reasons.  Since I was designing and setting websites up for people, it was part of my services to help people market their businesses and give them some advice on how they could get more traffic to their site and business.
In this case, the owner had a pick up stand that people would come to and pick up their orders as well as a delivery service.  I told the owner common sense marketing stuff like:

·         When people come to your place of business, offer them a free cookie in exchange for filling out their contact information on a form.  Keep a database of clients and send them email newsletters as well as snail mail newsletters where you mention promotions, giveaways and contests that you are having.

  • ·         Put your web address on your bags, cups etc. encouraging people to go there and leave their contact info in the opt-in box for a free chicken wing.

  • ·         Write occasional articles, leave recipes so that people will go to your site and somehow participate.

  • ·         Use social media sites to create a ravenous crowd of fans that’ll go to your site and refer friends.

  • ·         Put testimonials, maps etc. on the website to make it more appealing for people to come to and find.

Unfortunately, as common and common sense as these ideas were to a business, the owner did none of them, and has since closed his doors.  I’m not saying he closed because he didn’t use MY marketing ideas, but because he didn't use ANYBODY’S ideas…PERIOD.

The reason why this type of marketing (or any type for that matter) doesn’t work is because clients won’t try it.  Plain and simple.  I don’t think I’ve read a single Dan Kennedy marketing book wherein he hasn't mentioned the fact that people will tell him, “Well, that type of marketing won’t work in my business…” 

This type of marketing does take some money, some commitment and some patience.  You can’t expect overnight success in any type of marketing, ESPECIALLY INTERNET MARKETING!!!!

Speaking of persistence…

million dollar habits
On my last blog post I told you how you can get the awesome New York Times bestseller, “Million Dollar Habits -- 10 Steps for Getting Everything You Want in Life” by Robert Ringer for FREE.  I’m only on chapter II right now, but it’s an excellent read so far. 

The best way I can describe the book so far is a very detailed, intellectual and almost metaphysical look at what makes a person successful.  Plus, Ringer’s stories that he uses to relate the ideas and concepts to you are very well written.  Not boring at all.

So if you haven’t gotten a copy of this great book, click on this link: Million Dollar Habits.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

To Your Success!

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