Monday, January 5, 2015

Easy Traffic Generation by Linking From Your Blog to Other Blogs

Another very easy way to get some traffic generation to your site is by merely linking to other blogs.  If you are linking to other people’s blogs, then there is a very good chance they will notice you and send some traffic your way.  They may also “Tweet” about you on twitter.

Here’s a few more reasons why linking like this is smart to do from a traffic generation point of view:

You'll probably be tracked and appreciated.

·         This type of linking is probably tracked by the blog or site you are linking to and they may check you out.  If they like what they see and said about them, they might link to the post you wrote.  Great for getting some traffic and SEO.  I once had an electric bicycle blog and mentioned Mother Earth News in a post.  Apparently, the editor was keeping track of who was mentioning the magazine through Google Alerts.  They sent me a real nice email and linked to the article.  So, it DOES happen!
     Linking out helps create friendships and alliances. 

     If your blog is a new one, there won’t be much reason to link to you, but over time, instead of creating enemies, you’ll create some friends.  Many times, blogs and forums like linking to the new guy on the block if their blog shows promise.
     You may be seen as a valuable resource.

·         Linking out (if done properly and with care) will make you a valuable resource.  If you are talking about a particular subject but don’t want to go into a great deal of explanation about a particular subject, then you can link to a piece of info that is in depth on that aspect.  If the links lead to EXCELLENT material, people will see you as a resource they can count on.  And guess what?  Yep, you’ll get more traffic.
      It might be good for SEO reasons.

·         The Search Engine Gods will probably reward you if it looks liked you are linking to quality, relevant sites.  Although, it can be said that there isn’t much evidence to back up this fact, many SEO experts think there is some validity to linking out to other sites.

So, there are several reasons why linking to other QUALITY, RELEVANT sites will help you gain more traffic.  Please feel free to comment below and let me know what you think, or if there is anything you believe I may have left out on this subject.
To Your Success!

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