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Try This Web Savvy Internet Traffic Generation Method To Grab Readers And Prospects!

Another relatively free system of getting people to your site is by getting others to spread the word for you and give you "Virus Status".  

The tools of choice  for getting this done are what are known as “Share Tools” (A.K.A. - Tell a Friend Buttons, Share Buttons, etc.) ( These are basically buttons that are placed at key places on your website or blog that allow your readers to share your postings and articles with their friends. 

The most popular of these are at these sites:

I’m sure you've seen these things because they are everywhere.  The places I see them most are on job sites like Monster or Indeed.  You click on the page that has a job listing and you can immediately email a friend and let them know about the job you see posted.
Well, you can do the same thing on your site.  If you have a posting, video clip, contest, opt-in box to get a freebie or anything else, you can easily place one of these buttons next to them and people that come to your site ca share the feature you have with their friends.

Here is a real good video that talks about using "Share Buttons"

  Not only that, but when someone refers their friend and THEY like what you have, THEY will refer THEIR friends to your site.  Thus your site online will have “Viral Status”.

See how simple it all is?  However, this is just another reason why you should not be producing a lot of CRAP on your site or blog.  If your content is pretty good, chances are you will be slowly but surely moving toward that authority status that all IMer’s lust and pine after. 

Implementing the “Share Tools”

Setting up these buttons is pretty easy.  The sites that carry them usually have a small bit of code on them that you can easily copy and paste into your web page. 
Usually the code looks something like this:

I know that Blogger has a push button system called “Gadgets” that make it so easy to launch tools like this.  As a matter of fact, there is a gadget called Java and HTML coder that makes it so easy to add stuff like this to your sidebar.   All you have to do is add the code you find to the Gadget box and it will display it as soon as you hit “save” and exit the template. 

The Downside of Using These Tools

For just about everything you do in this universe, there is always either detractors telling you why something won’t work, or there is an aspect of it that just doesn’t work.

Many of the people that are in the Internet marketing arena will tell you that if your content is really good, then the person that read your content will probably copy the link and paste it into an email or browser window.  If they are too lazy to do that, then chances are they probably didn’t care THAT MUCH for your content anyway. 

However, many marketers will tell you that removing any barrier to completing an action is a good thing.  So, you’ll just have to decide whether or not you want to use this tool.

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