Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to Write a Blog Post to Increase Online Traffic

This is one method of traffic generation that requires you to do some homework before you actually begin to implement it.

The “Follow The Leader” Blog Posting Strategy

With this technique you’ll need to find out what posts are generating a lot of traffic that is relevant to your subject matter.  You’ll need to go to a site like DIGG and find really popular posts that people have been making in your subject area.

Here are a few of the sites that are very similar to DIGG that you can use for this strategy:

When you start doing your research, you need to look for a post that is:

  • Relevant to your niche
  • Is wildly popular
  • You can somehow develop and write more than one post about
  • Has been posted recently

Keeping an Eye on Keywords and SEO

Once you find a post like this, you need to read it, dissect it and check out the keywords in the post.  When you look at the keywords, you need to pay attention to what kind they were using, how many times, if they were used in header tags in the HTML, and what size fonts they appeared in.

An easy way to dissect a post like this is to highlight all of the text in the post, drop it into a word processor and then use the “Find” function on the word processor when you see a word that looks like it is a keyword.  Usually a keyword or keyword phrase will appear multiple times on a page in various places. 

NOTE:  You can also search for the number of times that a keyword was searched for using your Internet browser’s “Find” function. On Google Chrome you can locate the “Find” function.   I personally like dissecting posts by using my Microsoft Word processor, but if you want to use your browser, that’s fine.   
However, the best way to dissect a post for SEO purposes is to right click on a webpage and then look at the source code using the Find function.  I recently looked at a top ranked article on how to write a blog post and the keyword phrase was only on the webpage two times.  However, when I looked at the source code, the term was in the HTML code eleven times!

Writing the Post to Increase the Traffic

Once you know what keywords to use and the type of article that draws attention, you can now begin to write the post.  Make sure that you are not plagiarizing any of the material you’ll be writing and keep a list of the keywords next to you as you write.

A variation on this method would be to just key in the keyword phrase and find out which posts come up the closest to the first page of the search engine results.  Then take that webpage and dissect it as well.

To Your Success!

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